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Letterpress Texture Photoshop Overlay Free

Letterpress Texture Photoshop Overlay Free

You can create quick and easy an ink stamp style effect in Photoshop using this letterpress texture. Add an old letterpress style printing effect to your text and vector graphics in Photoshop with this ink stamp texture. Download for free the letterpress texture Photoshop overlay and use it in your graphic designs.

The Photoshop rubber stamp effect is now easy to make; simply set the blend mode of this overlay texture to Screen. No need to spend your money on expensive stamp effect Photoshop actions that give a similar old print look. So what are you looking for? Download the stamp texture Photoshop image for free!

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Monochromatic Digital Print Texture High Res

Monochromatic Digital Print Texture High Res

High-res vintage letterpress texture that you can download for free. Letterpress printing is an old printing method that transfers ink from a press onto paper. It is similar to a rubber stamp effect.

This letterpress effect is made in Photoshop from a texture file. You can use all kind of textures that have fine grainy details. You can use fabric, rust, concrete or grunge textures to create a digital print texture like this.

This monochromatic letterpress texture can be used in Photoshop to create a vintage effect for example.

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Seamless Grunge Stained Paper Texture Tile

Seamless Grunge Stained Paper Texture Tile

Free tiling paper pattern great for backgrounds that you can download for free. Online you can find out how to stain paper with different substances like ink, coffee, water, wine, etc. In Photoshop you can obtain the stained paper effect easily using grunge stained paper textures overlays.

This free texture is in fact a tiling paper pattern with watercolor stains that has a grungy old look. With this paper texture tile you can create your own paper pattern in Photoshop. Simply go to Edit > Define pattern and you have a tileable pattern ready to be used.

This paper texture free for download can be used in any digital art project. The Photoshop paper pattern can be used to create any size backgrounds.

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