Free Fire Effect Presets

Click on the images below to load pre-defined settings for the free fire effect generator. All fire and flame effects can be downloaded as fire texture images or fire animations (animated fire GIFs or fire video animations).

Fire Generator: Blue Rocket Thrust Fire Generator: Night Campfire Clipart Fire Generator: Black & White Cartoon Fire Fire Generator: Anime Style Cartoon Fire Cartoon Fire Animation Realistic Fire Effect Green Screen Fire Animation Purple Fire Animated Candle Flame Blue Gas Flame Green Torch Flae Purple Flame

How to Use the Free Fire Effects Generator?

The fire effects generator from Textures4Photoshop generates fire texture images and fire animations dynamically. It's very easy to use. It works similar to our other texture generators (for example our cloud generator). Simply change the settings below the fire effect preview and get the fire effect you want.

The "Fire effect type" sets the type of fire effect to create:

  1. Cartoon Fire - creates a 2 color animated cartoon fire
  2. Big Fire - creates a realistic fire animation with sparks and smoke
  3. Fire Flame - creates a realistic fire flame
Free Fire Effects

Each fire generator has a few very easy to use color and slider controls:

Free Fire Effects Download Options

The fire effects can be downloaded in several formats depending on what you choose from the "Download as" dropdown. The fire effects generator offers 3 options:

  1. Image .JPG - download the fire texture as a JPG image
  2. Animated .GIF - download the fire animation as a animated GIF image. You can select the length for the animation (2, 5, 10 or 30 seconds).
  3. Video .WEBM - download the fire animation as a .webm video.

The fire effects generated can be downloaded to your computer by pressing the "FIRE EFFECT DOWNLOAD" button.

Free Fire Effects Images and Videos License

Images and videos generated with the Free Fire Effects Generator are free for personal and commercial use WITH ATTRIBUTION.

This means that you have to place a link back to the free fire effects generator page where you use the fire images of animations created with this generator.

<a href="">free fire effects generator</a>

If you cannot or do not want to provide attribution, then you can simply make a small donation to our site

Other Fire Images And Textures

As you know, Textures4Photoshop offers many many free textures including fire and smoke textures. These textures are great, especially if you need photo realistic fire textures (both transparent PNG fire and JPG fire images).

For even more professional fire images, check out this free fire overlay image pack from

Fire Overlay

Below you will find only a small part of the free fire texture images offered by Textures4Photoshop.