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Grunge Rough Paper Texture

Grunge Rough Paper Texture

Grunge rough paper texture that you can download for free. This is actually the back side of a very old ripped photograph. This old grunge paper has lots of scratches and scotch tape marks.

Download now, if you are looking for an old creased and taped paper texture for your graphic design projects.

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Rubber Car Tire Texture Seamless Free

Rubber Car Tire Texture Seamless Free

Download the tire texture for free and use it in your projects. This is a seamless tire texture to create tire track effect. You can easily create a tire track brush for Photoshop using this image.

Also with this tyre mark you can add realistic texture to 3D tire models. If you are looking for grunge tire tracks that re seamless and tileable, this free image is very useful. Tyre texture seamless that you can use as Photoshop pattern to create any size image.

Note that this rubber car tire texture is seamless only on the horizontal scale.

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