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Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners shape that you can download for free. This is a rounded corner picture frame that you can use for your images. The rounded rectangle can be used to frame your images.

We have lots of frames for photos editing. This rounded rectangle can be used as mask for your images. You can create rounded images in just a few seconds.

Simply place your picture below the rounded frame. The frame has rounded corners and has transparent background. Get for free this frame PNG image made in Photoshop using a rounded rectangle to make a border with rounded corners.

To create shapes and images with round corners you can try this rounded corners Photoshop action. To fix jagged edges try this smooth edges Photoshop action.

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Glasses PNG Transparent

Glasses PNG Transparent

Black eyeglasses with black frame that you can download for free. This glasses PNG image is useful if you want to add spectacles to a person in Photoshop. If you want to create a quick Movember poster for example, add a mustache and this black rectangle glasses to a person and that is all.

Create a retro vintage character in Photoshop using this black eyeglasses.

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