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Blurry Night Lights Background

Blurry Night Lights Background

Blurry Night Lights Background

  • Category: Bokeh And Light

    filetype: JPEG

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  • Blurry night lights background that you can download for free. This is a Bokeh lights overlay texture for Photoshop. Add the overlay over your image and set the blend mode to Screen.

    You can use this free high resolution overlay to create Christmas lights, to add bokeh effects, to create night lights, etc. This is a high resolution texture that you can use for print materials like book covers, magazine covers, posters, flyers, banners. etc.

    We have lots of other Boheh and light overlays so make sure you search our gallery for more free resources.

Tags: lights bokeh bokeh overlay bokeh texture christmas lights night bokeh night lights sparkle shimmer high resolution

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