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Wrinkled Gold Foil Texture Free

Wrinkled Gold Foil Texture Free

Wrinkled Gold Foil Texture Free

  • Category: Metal

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  • Create beautiful gold foil effect in Photoshop with this free texture. Simply add this gold foil texture in Photoshop over your text layer as Clipping Mask. Gold effect Photoshop download free to use in all kind of graphic design projects.

    Ever wonder how to make something look gold in Photoshop or how to create gold text in Photoshop? Well, with this golden texture you can create the gold effect easily. This free Photoshop gold color texture can be combined with gold gradient. This embossed gold foil is crumpled, has wrinkles and can also be used to create a bump map texture for example.

Tags: gold foil gold leaf golden gold shiny gold color gold effect gold style gold photoshop wrinkled crumpled

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