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Sunset Background

Sunset Background

Sunset background that you can download fore free. This is a sunset background made in Photoshop using a sunset gradient, a water texture and a sun overlay image. You can use this sunset background for your graphic design projects.

This sunset image can be used to make a website background, a custom computer wallpaper, a retro poster, etc. If you want to make your own sunset background, download these awesome sunset gradients that you can use in Photoshop. The set also contains sunset JPG images.

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High Resolution Sunset Sky Background

High Resolution Sunset Sky Background

High-res sky background with red clouds that you can download for free. You can use this beautiful high resolution clouds texture in Photoshop manipulations. Also you can use the texture as sunset sky wallpaper for your computer.

The 300 dpi images can also be used for print. We have lots of free clouds and sky textures to choose from. This is a dramatic sunset sky background with bright colors of red.

This fire sky background is great for photo manipulations and other graphic design projects. You can also make a sunset background using these sunset gradients and then add a sun overlay from our gallery.

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Free Seamless Clouds Texture

Free Seamless Clouds Texture

Free seamless red clouds texture that you can download for free. This is a free storm clouds pattern with fiery colors of red and orange. You can use this free stock image as Photoshop pattern.

You can also use it in Photoshop as texture overlay to create sky backgrounds. Set the blend mode to Screen if you want to add clouds over your photos. You have to download the large size image to get this tileable sky background.

You can change the sunset red color tones using adjustment layers in Photoshop.

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