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---- License

Free for Personal and Commercial Use with Attribution


All the items that you download directly from this website are free for personal and commercial use with attribution. That means that the projects that include items from this website need to contain a link to

See more details below.

---- It is required to allways give CREDIT

Our images can be used for free in personal and commercial project, with attribution. You must always give credit to Textures4Photoshop when using these stock images.

To give proper credit you must provide a link back to our website in your submitted artwork descriptions.

  • 1. If you create a photo manipulation and you submit your work online(on DeviantArt/Behance/Dribbble/etc account, in Photoshop tutorials, forum posts, etc.) please include separate links for all the stock that you used.
  • 2. If you use it as image inside a blog post you can include only one link to our main page.
  • 3. If you use it for other commercial items that you sell online (ex: GraphicRiver, Creativemarket, etc), you have to add credit to Textures4Photoshop with a link in the description.


If you use our images for personal and commercial projects and you can not give credit (ex: book covers, flyers, etc.), you have two choices:

  • 1. You either submit the work online to your portofolio(DeviantArt, Behance, Dribbble, etc.) and give credit to Textures4Photoshop with links in the description.
  • 2. Or, if you can not or don't want to give credit, you can get a premium user badge. With a donation to our website of only 9$/year you get the premium user badge.


If you are one of our registered users and make a donation of 9$ you get a premium user badge for one year. That means you can use our textures and stock images, **without attribution**, in all your personal and commercial projects that you publish/sell in that year.

See below what you can do and what you can not do with our images:


  • You can create book covers, flyers, website themes, website designs, etc. (personal and commercial)
  • You can use it to make photo manipulations (personal and commercial).
  • You can use our stock in writen or video tutorials that you publish/sell online (personal and commercial)
  • You can use it as images for blog posts, social media posts, etc. (personal and commercial)
  • You can use it for games. (personal and commercial)
You can use it for any other personal and commercial project as long as you follow the rules.


  • You may not redistribute these stocks(as they are or with small modifications) anywhere. If you are not sure please ask.
  • Do not use these stocks in the creation of other stock. Again, if you are not sure please ask.
  • You can not use our stock in anyway that promotes or contains animal cruelty, sexploitation, pornography, in images depicting cruel and otherwise socially, morally reprehensible acts.


Textures4Photoshop has exclusive content that was created by our team.

Other websites that offer free images(like Pixabay for example) have millions of images. Textures4Photoshop on the other hand has only a few thusands. The reson is simple: we make our own exclusive content, while the others build their content with the help of worldwide contributors.

The thing is that allowing everyone to upload images you don't have too much control over the source of the image. In some cases it might be a stolen image.

With Textures4Photoshop you have the guarantee that our images are up to 99.9% safe to use in personal and commercial projects with attribution.

We sometimes use other free stock images in our works. We check and double check the source of that image before using it in a pre-made background or before transforming it into a PNG cutout object.

If you find a picture that is not safe for the license that we have for our images, please contact us and we will check.

About Us is aiming to become the largest directory of Photoshop textures available for free on the internet.

We are gathering for you all the free Photoshop textures that we can find. If you are a Photoshop textures author you can submit your work here.

All the Photoshop textures submitted for approval must be free at least for personal use. If you have any questions don't hesitate to (contact us)-link and we will respond you as soon as possible.

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