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Seamless Black Paper Texture With Watercolor Stains

  • Category: Paint Stains And Splatter

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  • Seamless black paper texture with watercolor stain and splatter brushes. This is a grunge watercolor texture made in Photoshop using real watercolor paint brushes. You can use this image as a watercolor background for your projects.

    With this aquarelle paint on black paper texture you can create interesting watercolor photo effects in Photoshop. If you want to learn how to make a watercolor background in Photoshop, you only need a paper texture and a Photoshop watercolor brush. The realistic watercolor effect is made painting with the brush with different color tones, changing the size and the rotation of the brush.

    To learn how to make a photo look like a watercolor in Photoshop the easy way, simply add the texture over your picture and set the blend mode that you like. The pro watercolor effect Photoshop actions are made using watercolor textures similar to this one.

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