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Campbell Soup Can

Campbell Soup Can

Original Campbell Soup Can seamless tilable texture, free to download. This is an awesome texture especially if you want to create 3D models of the emblematic pop art works of Andy Warhol. Simply wrap this Campbell soup label on a cylinder and you have a beautiful soup can ready to be used in pop art Photoshop or 3D designs.

I was inspired to create this Campbell soup tin can label texture after creating this detailed pop art Photoshop tutorial on how to transform any photo into a Warhol effect design.

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Pop Art Campbell Soup

Pop Art Campbell Soup

Pop Art Campbell Soup seamless texture PNG image. Click download to get the full high quality PNG image with transparent background. Campbell's soup cans were made famous by the pop art design parent Andy Warhol when he was commissioned to make a marketing campaign for this canned soup.

The billboards created included repeating images of the Campbell's soup cans, probably a suggestive of the mass production era. Also, the style of the designs was cartoon like, characteristic of the pop art culture that Warhol started also with the multi colored pop art portraits made of famous people of the time which included actress Marilyn Monroe. So, if you want to create Campbell Soup art Andy Warhol style, this texture is a great starting point.

I suggest reading this awesome Pop Art Photoshop tutorial to learn some really cool techniques for making your own pop art designs using Photoshop.

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