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Creepy Night Forest Fantasy Background Free

Creepy Night Forest Fantasy Background Free

Fantasy premade Photoshop background that you can download for free. This is a horror background for Photoshop; the creepy mood atmosphere was created using dead tress, stars, dark night effects and a bricks road. The spooky background has desaturated neutral colors so you can easily use it in your Photoshop manipulations.

I will add this image as a DeviantArt background stock on my DA account, but the full size image can be downloaded only from here. We also have lots of other premade backgrounds for Photoshop that you might want to try.

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Tree Stump Woods Background

Tree Stump Woods Background

Tree stump woods pre-made background that you can download for free. Use this high resolution autumnal background in Photoshop to create photo manipulations for autumn season. After a tree has been cut and felled remains the tree stump.

The stump is a small remaining portion of the tree trunk with the roots still in the ground. This woods background can be used in Photoshop or any other graphic design project. Sadly the deforestation is "popular" in our days, so we can see lots of photographs with tree stumps in the forests.

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Creepy Night Horror Graveyard Background Free

Creepy Night Horror Graveyard Background Free

If you are looking for horror background effects you can download for free this pre-made Photoshop manipulation. This is a night horror background made in Photoshop using forest dead tree silhouettes and graveyard cross images. You can create a horror movie poster psd template with this free image.

For example if you add a ghost and maybe a haunted house, you make a great photo manipulation for this year Halloween. So download the horror forest background for free and use to create Photoshop artworks. Using pre-made backgrounds is a great choice for Photoshop beginners or simply for people that want to obtain quick and easy results.

Enjoying creepy and spooky Photoshop effects? How about this tutorial for Creating A Spooky Ghost Text Effect

Creating A Spooky Ghost Text Effect

If you are an independent film producer and want to createa a professional movie poster, you can get a very affordable online movie poster credits template that's editable online in MockoFun. You can change the text and fonts and then download it as a PNG overlay movie credits poster with transparent background.

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