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French Flag Grunge Wallpaper

French Flag Grunge Wallpaper

Download this french flag wallpaper for free. The flag of France has blue, white and red on it. These are colors that are found on most national flags.

They are the same colors as the american flag which was inspired by the french flag colors. This photo of the french flag is a has a very nice folded fabric texture. If you are french or simply love France, you can use this as a wallpaper for you computer or as an iPhone wallpaper background.

You can use this french flag image to create photo manipulations or backgrounds in Photoshop for July the 14th, the national day of France.

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Castle Fortress PNG Clipart Free Image

Castle Fortress PNG Clipart Free Image

This beautiful ancient fortress is found on the rocky island of Mont Saint-Michel in France. You can download this castle PNG clipart for free and use it in photo manipulations or any other design project. The castle PNG has transparent background so it is easy for you to combine it with other images in Photoshop.

Removing background in Photoshop can be time consuming and difficult so using transparent PNG images it a good choice. This is actually an ancient fortress, but in Photoshop you can create a beautiful princess castle background by adding light effects, sparkle effects and so on. You can transform this old fortress into a cute castle PNG.

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