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Broken Stone Wall With Hole PNG Background

Broken Stone Wall With Hole PNG Background

Broken stone wall with hole in the middle and exposed bricks. This is a damaged broken wall with stone bricks PNG image that you can use in Photoshop manipulations. Download for free the broken wall texture and use it in any graphic design project.

This is a destroyed ruin wall from an old building made from stone, bricks, cement and mortar. You can use this free PNG picture as room interior, room background, room stage and so on.

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Industrial Old Building Facade Texture

Industrial Old Building Facade Texture

Industrial old building facade texture that you can download for free. This is a abandoned building with broken glass windows, cracked walls and a distressed look. Abandoned buildings such as this one, offer the image of an urban decay that falls into disrepair and decrepitude.

Buildings decay when they are abandoned add fall into ruin. You can see the disintegration of the walls with cracks and exposed bricks. Also the windows of this old industrial building are in a poor condition with broken glass and missing pieces.

So if you are looking for textures of old abandoned building you can download this free stock image.

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